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The Most Important Types of Restaurant Technology and Hardware

Successful restaurants need technology that can keep up. Here’s a rundown of the 6 most important types of restaurant technology you need to run your business more efficiently. The restaurant industry has changed a lot over the past decade and at a...

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Feb 2nd, 2022

Table side ordering system for restaurants via QR codes

It is easy to set up and easy to use. There is no installation needed, because restaurant owners and restaurant guests will access the application using internet browser. Guests can order sooner via...

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Jan 15th, 2022

I Miss Few Things More Than Eavesdropping in Restaurants

The looming specter of COVID has ruined my favorite hobby: being in everybody else’s business I am, by nature, an exceedingly nosy person. I am the type of individual who reads...

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Jan 14th, 2022

Is the ‘Future of Food’ the Future We Want?

At the Food on Demand conference in Las Vegas, the food service industry laid out its vision for a future in which customers never have to wait. Just don’t think too hard about how that’d work....

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